Apparatus - Tanker 3

2006 KME / International

2 Man Cab

2,500 Gallon Tank

2,500 Gallon Drop Tank

Transfer Valve

2- Scott Airpacks

4 - Forestry Rakes

4 - Bladder Bags

5 - Fire Shelters


Pick Head Axe, Flat Head Axe, Haligan Bar, Spade Shovel

2 - Barrel Strainers

Stihl Backpack Leaf Blower and Chain Saw

Dry Chemical and Pressurized Water Fire Extinguishers

Whelen Light Package


Salvage Cover, Tarp, Transfer Valve. Misc. Hose


Front Bumper Pre-Connect

Drivers Portable, Flashlights and Airpacks

Flat Head Axe, Pick Head Axe, Haligan Bar and Spade Shovel

4 Forestry Rakes

4 Bladder Bags

Strainers, Pro-Pack, Extra Foam, Garden Hose and Misc. Couplings

Backpack Leaf Blower, Chain Saw, Forestry Hose, Dry Chem and

Pressurized Water Extinguisher

Fire Shelters, Tow Strap and Haz-mat Supplies

Fold Down 2,500 gal. Drop Tank Storage

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