Apparatus - Rescue 3

1997 E-One / Cyclone

Rescue 3 is First Due on Vehicle Accidents, Specialized Rescues and Search Details, Rescue 3 features an 8 Man Cab, Whelen Strobe Light Package, Front Bumper Mounted 12,000 lb. Ramsey Winch, 2,000 Watt Light Tower, 4 - 500 Watt Scene Lights 2 Mounted on each side, Fire Com Headsets, Honda 5,000 Watt Generator, 7 - Motorola MTS 2,000 Portables, 2 - 200 ft. Pre-connected Electrical Cords, 150 ft. Air Line, 12,000 Oil Dry Bin, 4 - Cylinder Cascade System, 6 - Scott Air Packs
Rescue 318 carries the following tools. Holmatro Rescue Tools with Pre Connected Cutters and Spreaders. Also Rams, Peddle Cutter, Combi Tool, Holmatro Securnet, Portable Hydraulic Pump, Junk Yard Dog Rescue Strut System, 2 - Glasmaster Windshield Saws, Cribbing, AED, 2 - Medical Jump Kits, 4:1 Haul System, Life Lines, Utility Ropes, Flares, Dewalt Portable power tool Kit including a Circular Saw, Drill, and Flash Light, 2 - Dewalt Battery Powered Sawzalls, 1- Corded Dewalt Sawzall, Tarps, 5 - Back Boards, Stokes Basket, 6', 8' and 10' Pike Poles, Drywall Hook, Trash Hook, Scoop Stretcher, 16' Extension Ladder, A-Frame Ladder, Folding Attic Ladder, Pry-Bars, 2-Brooms, Scoop Shovel, 2-Spade Shovels, !-Flat Shovel, Traffic Cones, 2-High Lift Jacks, 2-Crow Bars, Pick Head xe, Flat Head Axe, Haligan Bar, 36" and 24" Bolt Cutters, Cable Cutters, Debris Can, Haz-mat Pads and Pigs, 3-Tyvek Suits, 2-Portable Pedestal Lights, 10-Spare SCBA Cylinders, Stihl Rotary Saw, Paratech Air Gun 40, Air Chisel, 10-Air Hoses, Air Manifold, Cut Off Wheel, 6-Bag Air Lifting Bag System, Electric Ventilation Fan, 3-Fire Extinguishers- Pressurized Water, Halon, and Nitrogen, 5-Electrical Cords, 2-500 Watt portable Lights, 5-Streamlight Vulcan Hand Lights, MSA Orion Multi Gas Meter, Binoculars

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