Fire Prevention

The Boalsburg Fire Company is available to help your group, business or organization with your Fire Prevention needs. Our Firefighters are happy to meet with you and talk about ways to help prevent fires in your home or business. Whether your group comes to our Station or we come to you we are always eager to help people learn how to stay safe. In the past we have hosted Boy Scout and Girl Scout Groups as well and joined them at their meeting locations. Our Company provides yearly Fire Prevention activities with our local Elementary and Pre-Schools. We often attend local events to help spread the word about Fire Safety. If you would like further information please feel free to contact us at

Free Smoke Detector Program

The Boalsburg Fire Company in cooperation with the Centre Region Counsel of Governments participates in the a Smoke Alarm Installation Program for the residents of our coverage area. All you have to do is contact the Fire Company and our members will be glad to come to your home and meet with you to discuss proper smoke detector placement. We will also be glad to install  smoke detectors in your home free of charge. Feel free to call, stop by the station or contact us at for more information.

Tot Finder Marking System

Tot Finder door marking decals are available free of charge from the Boalsburg Fire Company. This set of 3 decals is used to mark the location of your childs bedroom in case of a fire in your home. The largest of the 3 decals goes on the bottom corner of your childs door facing the hallway  while the 2 smaller stickers go on the bottom of the door frame on each side of the door. Having the room marked in this manner makes it easier for a firefighter who would be crawling on the floor to recognize the childs room. The reflective material shines in the firefighters light to make it easy to find.  We would hope you will never need these but strongly encourage their use to help insure your chids safety in an emergency.

Pet Finder Decals

Pet Finder Decals are also available at Station 3. These decals go on the entrance doors of your residence to inform us that your pet is inside in case of an emergency.

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